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Proposed Expansion

 Proposed Expansion


  1. NSS programme have expanded both qualitatively and qualitatively over the years. A review committee was set up by the Government of India in August, 1984. One of the important recommendations of the committee was that the programme of NSS had great potential and, therefore, should continue and expand. The committee also recommended a 10 percent rate of growth of coverage of students under NSS in each year. This recommendation of the committee has been accepted by the government and by the end of IX Plan, the target of covering 20.00 lakh students under the programme is to be achieved.
  2. Recently, the scheme has been extended to form an open unit, involving ex-NSS volunteers, and persons having an aptitude for social work.

NSS at + 2 Stage

3.      The scheme at +2 stage was introduced in 1985 on an experimental basis in states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Gujarat, West Bengal and Union Territory of Daman and Diu. It has been extended to other states after an evaluation conducted by specialized agencies. By the year 1992 the S3 programme has been extended to the States of Gujarat, Kerala, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Union Territories of Chandigarh, Delhi and Pondicherry covering 1.60 lakh students. Presently, the total strength of NSS is more than 1.3 million.

3.1 As the role of NSS has been appreciated and recognized in the New Education Policy, the State Governments are requested to increase the coverage. For this purpose, the State Governments are expected to make necessary provisions in their budget in order to be able to meet the expenditure on 10 percent increase in the number of NSS volunteers every year.

Special emphasis in National Policy on Education, 1986 (Revised 1992).


4. The National Policy on Education 1986, with modification undertaken in 1992 envisages that opportunities will be provided for the youth to involve themselves in national and social development through educational institutions and outside agencies, Students will be required to participate in one or the other existing schemes, namely, the National Service Scheme, National Cadet Corps. The National Service Volunteer Scheme will also be strengthened.


"Academic credit for extension work could be considered and in certain areas directly related to extension activities like social work and rural development" (National Policy on Education - Recommendation para 8.22).

"We strongly reiterate para 8.22 of NPE. Adequate facilities should be provided to ensure that all students participate in one or the other existing schemes, particularly National Service Scheme (NSS) and National Cadet Corps (NCC)" Para 13.4 Central Advisory Board of Education Committee on Policy - January, 1992.

5.1 In pursuance of the above recommendations the programme of Action 1992 on National Policy on Education provides that special incentives be evolved to encourage teachers' interest and participation, quite apart from incentives to encourage and sustain participation of students and youth in these programmes. Possible incentives may include the following :-


(a)  Recognition of the outstanding contribution of teachers to NSS as an extension work under the third dimension of the university system as equivalent to research work.

(b)  Special incentives for teachers for outstanding contributions under NSS.

(c)  Special incentives for students with outstanding records under NCC, NSS etc. at the time of their admission to college and university and also for promotion within colleges land universities.

(Para No, 20, 3.3 Programme of Action 1992 on National Policy on Education by Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development)


5.2  From the above, it is evident that special emphasis has been given to NSS in National Policy on Education in which it has been proposed that every student would be expected to participate either in NSS or NCC. It is now realized that the scheme is useful for the personality development of the students, particularly in the context of the present campus situation in our country where the opportunities to students for personality development and other activities are scarce. There is thus a need for the Centre and the State Governments to work towards a situation where all the students in universities, colleges and +2 level can have such opportunities through the NSS and NCC as envisaged in National Policy on Education.


5.      The past experience of National Service Scheme is quite heartening. It has provided diversified opportunities to students in schools/colleges and universities to develop their personality through community service.


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